Meet Our Staff

Kiah – Gundoo Mirra Senior Educator

My name is Kiah and I am a Kuku Yalanji Iman woman. I also have South Sea Islander connections to a village called Malaita in the Solomon Islands.

I have been working with ATSICHS Brisbane since July 2021 as the Senior Educator at Gundoo Mirra. Being a part of the Deadly Kindy Team is amazing, I love coming to work every day. I also grew up in Acacia Ridge with my siblings and many cousins. We would often have family barbeques at our neighbouring Splash Park or Crooked Park. Being familiar with the local area is what drew me to Gundoo Mirra. I love working with all our gundoos and being connected to community and culture.

The most rewarding part of my role is witnessing our children on their journey of finding their identities and figuring things out for themselves. It shows a sense of pride, excitement and happiness in their achievements. Even if I can get a small grin from an upset child during drop-off times – that is a beautiful and simple reward right there!

A professional skill I am currently working on is embedding our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures into our program and building important connections within our community.

Outside of Gundoo Mirra, I enjoy travelling anywhere I can, playing sports and spending quality time with my family.

The most unique talent I have would have to be being able to eat two kilos of prawns to myself.

If I could be an animal, I would be an orangutan! They’re super cute, they’re my favourite animal, and it would be different seeing things from their perspective up in the trees.

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