What’s a Deadly Kindy?

We’re an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kindergarten program that focuses on culture, connection and community. We coordinate quality early childhood education and care with our existing ATSICHS Brisbane health and social services such as speech and occupational therapists to ensure our children are thriving in a culturally safe environment. Deadly Kindy sets children up for success in their transition to school.

  1. Our children
    Are connected and culturally safe, immersed in programs that value and build on languages and practices shared by families.
  2. Connections
    Culture and community are key drivers for our program design: supported and influenced by community and Elders..
  3. Needs are identified early
    All our children receive health checks upon or before enrolment and work with speech and occupational therapists regularly, affording early assessment and intervention.
  4. Our early childhood teachers
    Are degree qualified, highly skilled and work alongside allied health professionals.
  5. Early learning in natural environments
    Is one of our strengths where children get to choose how, when and where they learn.
  6. Collaboration 
    With families and kinship carers helps us to support them as children’s first teachers.

about atsichs . . .

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane is an approved provider of nationally accredited early childhood programs and is growing from strength to strength. ATSICHS Brisbane’s Deadly Kindy program is an innovative early intervention service model that provides a safe, flexible and play-based environment for children to develop a lifelong love of learning, to set the foundations for reaching their full potential. The program is also committed to strengthening the capacity of our families and their ties to culture.

The Deadly Kindy approach integrates quality early learning services with existing ATSICHS Brisbane health services, including occupational and speech therapy, oral health, dental checks and links to our child and maternal, family support and mental health services.

As our enrolments grow, so do our plans to extend the benefits for our children and families.


Where are our Kindys?

Free Kindy Health Check

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Free Kindy Health Check

Bring your 3 or 4 year old into one of our medical clinics for a free pre-kindy health check. A health check is an overall assessment of their health including physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.

Book your free pre-kindy health check appointment today.

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