Free Pre-Kindy Health Check

Why are pre-kindy health checks so important?

A pre-kindy health check can identify any problems that might mean your child doesn’t get the most out of kindy. Things like eyesight, hearing and speech. It’s a simple health check and it’s free.

What happens at a health check?

A pre-kindy health check takes about an hour. It will include:

  • height and weight including a discussion of eating habits and physical activity
  • an eye check
  • a hearing check
  • dental health check-up and dental hygiene advice
  • speech and language development – communication is an important tool in learning and can affect the relationship between your child and their teacher
  • checking for known or suspected allergies – consider how the allergy will be managed in a school environment
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • behaviour, mood and sleeping patterns
  • emotional maturity
  • toileting habits – bedwetting and constipation are common in kids and effective management prior to entering school can save both parents and children considerable distress.

After your child’s health check, your GP may provide advice and further information. This may include follow-up treatment with an allied health professional or specialist if needed.

Talk to our receptionists at one of our clinics to book your appointment today!

Available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

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FREE Deadly Kindy Kit

Take your child into one of our medical clinics for a pre-kindy health check, enrol in Kindy and they’ll receive a FREE Kindy Kit!

All you have do is take them in for a health check and enrol in kindy.

Available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children.