Meet Our Staff

Louise – Jajumbora/Gundoo Mirra Early Childhood Teacher

 My name is Louise and I am new to the Deadly Kindy Jajumbora and Gundoo Mirra teams. My passion is to work in early childhood and I am thrilled to be a part of this deadly team.

This is my third year working as a kindergarten teacher. Previously I’ve worked as a casual assistant educator. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and I look forward to working with each family as we form a partnership in your child’s education.

I believe that quality early childhood education also really sets children up for a lifetime of success. During this time children start to develop a passion for learning and I am dedicated to fostering that.

I absolutely love teaching young children. Being an active learner myself, I love making an impact on the children’s lives; instilling a love for education, culture, wellbeing and lifelong learning.

Working at Deadly Kindy Jajumbora and Gundoo Mirra is a truly special experience. My fellow educators and the children I get to teach inspire me daily. Every day I learn something new about this industry and I am constantly growing and developing my skills.

When I’m not teaching you will find me outside enjoying travel, recreational activities and exercise.

I’m very excited to create a fun, successful year for your jarjums, filled with loads of learning!

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