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The Benefits of Attending an Early Learning Centre

In the first five years, children experience an incredible amount of brain development. So, the quality of a child’s early experiences is actually more of a benefit to their ability to learn rather than where they live or even your own education or occupation.

This time is critical for growing brains. It’s a time when their brains are ripe for learning and recent research suggests that up to 90% of brain development has already taken place before a child starts primary school.

Providing the right opportunities to nurture young minds and lay the foundations for future success isn’t easy. Which is why we hire qualified and experienced kindy staff who know how to do all this work for you.

Quality early learning guided by skilled and qualified educators makes a huge difference to outcomes for children.

But what difference does early learning really make?

  • Research shows all children benefit from early learning, regardless of their background or family income.
  • Children who do not attend preschool are 50% more likely to start school ‘developmentally vulnerable’. This means they’re starting school behind their peers – and children who start behind tend to stay behind.
  • Children who attend three or more years of quality early learning perform better in year four maths, science and reading.
  • The benefit of early learning is still evident in higher levels of literacy and numeracy understanding in children aged 11 and 16.


For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, attending a Deadly Kindy can make a huge difference. It can improve their ability to perform well in the classroom when they attend school.

By enrolling in Deadly Kindy you can ensure that your child will be receiving the best possible start in life whilst cultivating and developing their cultural identities.

It’s early childhood education on our terms.

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