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Easter Crafts to Try These School Holidays

With Easter right on our doorstep we’ve put together a list of activities to distract your little ones from eating all their Easter eggs at once! Keep reading to check out a bunch of Easter themed crafts for you to try with your jarjums over the weekend.

Easter Hats

It’s a classic for a reason. The tried and true Easter bonnet parade isn’t just for Deadly Kindy or the classroom anymore. You can also get creative and host your own over the weekend! It also doesn’t have to be just for the jarjums, you can get the whole family involved in the fun. For some easy to make ideas follow the link here.

Pasta Easter Eggs

Another old favourite, the classic pasta art can be easily repurposed to suit the Easter theme. All you need to do is cut out some egg shapes from coloured paper and let their creativity flow. For some great tips on making this activity as simple and easy as possible click here.

Salt Paint Easter Eggs

Not your average Easter craft, salt paint is a fun way to make 3D art unlike any other. Best of all, you can create it using things you probably already have sitting at home! All you need is a bottle of PVA glue and some table salt. Draw an egg or any other Easter shape on a piece of paper, then trace with glue, sprinkle very generously with salt and gently shake of the excess. When it’s all dry, paint with liquid watercolour paint. Get some inspiration here.

Sock Bunnies

A fun Easter craft and a way to deal with all those odd socks all in one! Super easy to make, all you will need to make these cute Easter sock bunnies are some rubber bands, uncooked rice, a ribbon, black marker pen and of course odd socks! Pour the rice into one sock, tie the top closed with a rubber band, then take a second rubber band and tie it around the middle to create the head and body. Take a third rubber band to create the tail, chop the ears out of the excess sock and use your marker to draw bunny eyes, nose, and mouth. Use the ribbon to add some extra flair! Click here for the full instructions.

Wool Squiggle Eggs

Another 3D art project for your little ones, this wool craft activity is fun and experimental, encouraging your children’s natural curiosity. All you need to do is cut out a few egg shapes from coloured paper, cover some strands of wool with PVA glue and lower them gently onto your egg, trying to create squiggles as you go. When your jarjum is happy with the pattern, leave it to dry before filling the gaps with coloured paint or crayons. Click here for inspiration.

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