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How to Pack a Healthy Lunchbox

Did you know that children eat about 30% of their daily food intake at childcare and school?

It’s an important statistic to remember when you’re packing your jarjum and gundoo’s lunch box for their day at kindy. Here at Deadly Kindy we think that a deadly choice is a healthy choice, so we’re here to help you make sure that your little one makes a deadly choice every day.

Focusing on healthy fun foods will help keep their energy up during the day. And often it’s not as hard as it seems. With a little organisation and a little advance planning you can make sure your little one is nourished and happy the whole day.

Children aged around 4 years old should aim for about one and a half serves of fruit a day and two serves of dairy which could include a glass of milk or a slice of cheese. It’s also recommended that children have around four serves of carbohydrates and it’s a great idea to include one serve of protein, such as cooked lean chicken or turkey.

An ideal lunch box includes:

  • A main lunch item such as a sandwich, roll, wrap or salad based grains such as pasta, rice or quinoa.
  • A nutritious snack which could be crackers with cheese, vegetable sticks or a tub of yoghurt.
  • A piece of in-season fruit.
  • A drink – water is always best. In the summer time you could even freeze the drink bottle the night before so it always stays cold.

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