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How to Make Starting Kindy a Breeze

Starting kindergarten is the beginning of a child’s lifetime of learning. Here your jarjum or gundoo will go from exploring the world on their own terms, to being guided and encouraged in a more active learning process.

To ensure your jarjum or gundoo moves positively into the kindy programs we run at Deadly Kindy it’s important to focus on effective transition practices. These practices are best developed using strong communication and relationships between your jarjum and our Deadly Kindy staff.

When children start kindergarten, they need to adjust to new or unfamiliar environments or situations. This can include new routines and expectations and new ways of learning. It also includes new relationships with other children and adults, as well as new physical surroundings.

If this process is made as smooth as possible, it can have a positive influence on your little one’s attitude toward school and education for the rest of their life.

Understanding the Routines

Knowing what to expect when you start Deadly Kindy, and what routines your little one will need to adjust to will really help you be able to calm your jarjum’s nerves.

Hearing this information from you before they start at kindy will help them feel more in control, and give them some security.

Making Conversation

It’s natural for your jarjum or gundoo to be a little scared about starting kindy. But you can help your child feel more comfortable by talking positively about kindergarten in everyday conversations. Some ideas could be:

  • The location of the kindergarten: “when we go to the shops today, we’re going to be driving past kindy”.
  • When your child will start kindy: “Next year you’re starting kindy – let’s put it on the calendar”
  • Who your child might know at Deadly Kindy: “Did you know… will be going to Deadly Kindy too?”
  • Making friends at kindy: “You can say, hello my name is … can I play too?”
  • Speaking about the kindy educators and using their names
  • Talking about all the fun things they’ll get up to including story time, songs and activities
  • Asking them what they’re looking forward to the most.

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