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Kids in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to help your jarjums develop some really important everyday skills. From numeracy skills, organisation and critical thinking skills, whipping up a meal with your little one is a jam packed learning experience.

Measuring and Pouring

When it comes to baking, getting the measurements right can mean the difference between a successful treat, or crispy mess. Teaching your kids to measure accurately using measuring cups, spoons and even jugs gives them an opportunity to practice their counting and numeracy skills. Encouraging your children to pour ingredients accurately and carefully will also help to develop their fine motor skills.


Stirring is a great way for kids to build physical strength and can help them understand the effects that different types of ingredients can have on each other. For example, what happens when you add water to dry ingredients, or how eggs can change the consistency of the batter.

Kitchen Prep

Teaching kids to prepare their work space before jumping in to the recipe will help them develop organisational and planning skills. Start by finding a recipe and reading it through with them. Talk about what you need to prepare before starting. What kitchen utensils will you need to use? What ingredients do you need and do you have all of them on hand? By asking these questions you can also help your jarjums develop their critical thinking skills.

Washing and Prepping

Having a little chef beside you to wash and prep any vegetables and other ingredients will give them more hands-on experience with certain ingredients they may not want to eat.  If you give them a chance to work with them and they may be more likely to try them. It’s also a valuable lesson in understanding where our food comes from, and the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

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