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The Importance of Engaging with Culture Early

Culture is central to a child’s individuality, identity, sense of belonging and success in lifelong learning. To support the identity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jarjums and gundoos and to enhance the knowledge of our non-Indigenous children, our Deadly Kindy programs work with the elders and local communities where our kindys are located.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is a great source of strength to Indigenous children and their families. This includes the important connections to country, spirituality, family and community. To create a culturally safe and welcoming environment at Deadly Kindy we encourage all Indigenous family members to become involved in our service. In this way we honour and support the strong importance our community  and culture places on family.

Engaging with Community

Children feel a strong sense of identity when their families are honoured, celebrated and included in the Deadly Kindy experience. Our local communities are valuable sources of cultural knowledge and skills. Engaging with the local community genuinely and authentically allows us to deliver education that is culturally relevant. It also provides a benefit to all children attending Deadly Kindy. Working alongside one another helps children feel a sense of belonging that extends beyond Deadly Kindy to the wider community.

Establishing Connection to Country

Another way we promote the importance of engaging with culture early in life is by establishing a connection to country. We do this through bush tukka gardens, outdoor play environments and environmental education. This helps our jarjums build a strong connection to the world around them and develops their environmental responsibility. It also provides them with an awareness of the seasons and how to care for the plants and bush tukka they experience at kindy. Through this, the jarjums develop a sense of belonging to the land and of custodianship for country that is a significant element to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Is culture and cultural knowledge important to you? Then enrol your jarjum in Deadly Kindy today and help support the development of their cultural identity in an authentic and genuine way.

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